kaju katli or kaju barfi recipe, how to make kaju katli recipe


kaju katli or kaju barfi recipe with step by step photos – kaju katli (cashew fudge) is a most sought after indian sweet at home. whenever we get a big box of kaju katli at home, they just get over in a couple of days.

if you stay in north india then during diwali festival you might receive a box of kaju katli or dry fruits as a gift. kaju katli is one of the most popular sweets which is gifted to relatives and friends during the diwali festival in north india.

i will not say making kaju katli at home is easy. honestly speaking it is not. if you are making for the first time, then just forgive yourself if the kaju katli does not come out well. i tried different methods of making kaju katli at home. all the recipes & methods were disasters. twice i ended up making something else from the cashew mixture… and once i had to throw away the whole mixture… something which i hate doing. i could not save the cashew fudge in any way :-(

from these disasters i learnt a few things that contribute to get a perfect kaju katli –  the consistency of the powdered cashews, the consistency of the sugar syrup & cashew dough and why kneading the cashew dough is important.

this step by a step post is a sincere attempt to share the method to get the perfect kaju katli at home. since i actually struggled with this indian sweet many times while making the other indian sweets were a cake walk.

these kaju katli are the way they are actually meant to be – thin, smooth, melt in the mouth slices of cashew goodness. i have mentioned the tips and pointers in the step by step recipe details.

i have also added fresh organic rose from my balcony garden in the kaju katli. this is totally optional and you can just skip it. if you prefer you can even add rose water or saffron. otherwise there are no flavorings added in the kaju katli. its just cashews and sugar. varak or silver foil is also placed on the kaju katli. since i don’t use varak, i have skipped it completely.

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if you are looking for more diwali sweets recipes then do check coconut ladoo, gulab jamun with khoya, besan ladoo, rava kesari, boondi ladoomotichoor ladoo and dry fruits ladoo.

kaju katli or kaju barfi recipe below:

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kaju katli recipe | makes 12 to 15 slices
kaju katli recipe - one of the most popular indian sweet made with cashews and sugar.
RECIPE TYPE: sweets, dessert
CUISINE: indian
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1 cup cashews/kaju
  • ½ cup sugar or as required
  • 5 tbsp water
  • 1 tbsp ghee or coconut oil (optional)
  • 1 tsp chopped rose petals (optional) or rose water or 8-9 strands of saffron
  1. powder the cashew in a coffee grinder or a dry grinder.
  2. the cashews should be in powdered form and not become pasty or oily.
  3. on a low flame heat sugar and water in a thick bottomed or non stick pan or kadai.
  4. meanwhile grease a plate or a tray and keep aside or keep butter papers ready.
  5. when all the sugar dissolved in the water, add the cashew powder. there is no consistency in the sugar syrup required like one string or two string. just let the sugar dissolve in the water and then proceed with the next step.
  6. stir and keep on stirring the cashew mixture on a low flame.
  7. the cashew mixture would start thickening.
  8. cook the cashew mixture for approx 7-9 minutes till the whole mixture starts to come together.
  9. remove the whole lump of the mixture from the pan and place it on work surface, bowl or plate.
  10. add the rose petals and ghee or oil to the cashew mixture.
  11. when the heat in the mixture is hot enough to handle, then knead the cashew mixture.
  12. flatten the dough and place it on a butter paper or on a greased plate/thali or tray.
  13. place a butter paper on top and then using a rolling pin, roll gently the dough from all sides till you reach a thickness of 3-5 mm in the dough.
  14. remove the butter paper and let the rolled cashew dough cool.
  15. when completely cooled, using a sharp knife cut the cashew dough giving square or diamond shapes.
  16. gently remove the kaju katli with a butter knife.
  17. serve the kaju katli straight away or keep in an air tight container.
1: if using saffron, then roast them first in a dry pan and then coarsely powder them in a mortar-pestle. add the powdered saffron in the cashew dough.

2: if using rose water, then add it to the sugar and water solution.

step by step kaju katli or kaju barfi recipe:

1: take 1 cup cashews/kaju in a dry grinder or coffee grinder and grind to a smooth powder. i usually keep cashews at room temperature. hence the cashews are dry. avoid using refrigerated cashews. also make sure you don’t over do the grinding process as oil should not release from the cashews. i ran the mixer at a stretch first and then scraped the sides and ran again at intervals for a couple of times.

the cashews should be in powder form and not become pasty. if there are tiny pieces in the cashew powder, then just let it be….. or you can also sieve the cashew powder and keep aside. use a medium fine sieve and not a fine one to sieve the powdered cashews.

grind cashews or kaju

2: take ½ cup sugar (or as required) and 5 tbsp water in a thick bottomed pan (or kadai or a non stick pan).

preparing kaju katli - sugar water solution

3: keep on low flame and let the sugar dissolve in the water. there is no consistency in the sugar syrup like one string or two string. just let the sugar dissolve in the water and then proceed with the next step.

preparing kaju katli - sugar water solution

4: when the sugar completely dissolves in the water, add the cashew powder.

stir kaju or cashew mixture

5: stir and keep on stirring and stirring on a low flame. if there are lumps then break the lumps as you stir and continue to stir.

add kaju or cashew powder

6: the mixture would start thickening and almost come together. when it starts coming together in one form and starts looking like a very very soft dough… its time to remove the whole lump of the mixture from the pan and place it on a work surface. this process of getting the cashew dough took me exact 8 minutes on a low flame.

depending on your temperature, pan etc you can use a time span of 7 to 9 minutes after adding the cashew powder. another way of checking is taking  a small piece of the dough and form into a ball. the ball should not stick to your fingers and be smooth. don’t even bother to scrape the edges. they are chewy.

kaju katli dough

7: put the entire cashew dough on the work surface. add 1 tsp rose petals (or rose water or 8-9 strands of saffron) and 1 tbsp ghee or coconut oil. addition of rose petals and ghee are optional.

the dough would be very hot… so when the heat is enough to handle begin to knead the dough.

cashew dough for kaju katli recipe

8:  knead the dough lightly. don’t over do as this will release oil from the cashews. the grainy texture in the cashew dough goes away as you knead it. remember the dough should be hot while kneading. you can also apply some oil or ghee on your palms instead of adding ghee/oil separately. in case the dough is soft, then add a teaspoon of some milk powder. if the dough looks dry or dense, add a teaspoon of milk to soften it.

kneading the cashew katli dough

9: flatten the dough and place it on a greased plate or tray. you can also place it on a large butter paper. the cashew dough should still be hot or warm when you start rolling it. as it cools it will harden more and becomes difficult to roll.

roll the cashew or kaju dough

10: gently roll with a rolling pin to make it slightly even. there will be fine cracks on the dough.

roll cashew or kaju dough

11: to smoothen the cracks, place butter paper on top and roll more. this will smoothen the cracks and the kaju katlis will have a smooth appearance. the cashew dough can also be rolled between two butter papers.

rolling cashew dough

12: roll to get a thickness of about 3 to 5 mm. let the rolled cashew dough cool.

rolled cashew dough

13: once cooled completely, cut the cashew dough into squares or diamond shapes. scrape off the uneven edges and you can have them :-)

cut cashew dough - kaju katli recipe

14: using a butter knife gently remove the kaju katli pieces from the bottom, taking care that they do not break.

kaju katli or kaju barfi

14: remove and arrange kaju katli on a plate. serve kaju katli immediately or store them in air tight container.

kaju katli or kaju barfi

let me tell you, kaju katli will get over very soon :-) you can make them for any festive occasion. another variation of this kaju katli which you should try after mastering this recipe is kaju anjeer rolls (cashew fig rolls). they are also equally popular as cashew barfi.

kaju katli recipe

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  1. naina says

    Hii …I’m excited to try the recipe…can u tel me a replacement to butter paper because I think that we don’t use butter paper often..

  2. Rupesha R Patil says

    me kaal kaju katli banawali, 5 tablespoon pani takla mala watla kami hoil n me half glass pani takla n mazi barfi paal zali…….
    next time punha try karen bt pani 5 tablespoon ch taken

  3. Hi says

    Before I make this, I just would like to know if I can double it to make more servings. And if I do, will it turn out the same way?

  4. Srilatha says

    The sweet came out awesome!! Thank you for the detailed receipe, it made the preparation very easy with not much effort for someone doing it for the first time.
    However, the dough became a bit hard while I was trying to cool it,
    had to add some milk to make it soft and it has become a bit more soft than required.
    Thank you once again for the wonderful receipe.I can now prepare my favourite sweet without bothering to buy it from a shop and hence need not worry about the hygienic conditions where it was prepared.

    • says

      thanks a lot srilatha for this great feedback. nice to know. if the dough is not rolled when still hot or warm, then it becomes hard. the softness will go away once you refrigerate the kaju katli.

  5. satya says

    Dear Sir,

    Can we use milk instead of water for kaju Katli? will it gives richness?

    Please reply

  6. Swetha says

    Hi Dassana,

    Thanks so much for taking so much time and capturing every minute detail. Previously, I have tried preparing this from other sites but never came properly.. Your version I followed blindly and am very happy with the way the sweet turned out.. My daughter and hubby loved it and then I made it second time for my parents and they thought I got it from a shop :) Such was the taste.. Love you so much..


    very happy to get nice and simple reciepes already tried ragi dosa and whole wheat orange muffins which were good . my next will be kaju katli. thanks and regards god bless

  8. crazy4sweets says

    Hello Dassana

    I tried this recipe today and came out to be really nice. However I think it was a little soft & chewy. I have placed the Barfis in the freezer and they solidified a little. I just wanted to know what caused them to be a little soft? I also did the 1 strand test with my syrup and it was fine .. don’t think the syrup was overcooked. Maybe the cashew batter was under cooked? I will highly appreciate your response. Thanks again .. will try more of your dishes.

    • says

      thanks for the feedback. kaju katli need three strand consistency in the sugar syrup. its one strand and thats the reason the sugar barfis are soft. i have not kept the string consistency in this recipe as its not easy for many. so kept the recipe at a simple level. but next time when you prepare, try with 3 string consistency.

  9. Archana says

    Hi Dassana,
    I tried this today and had utter disaster. Never had total disasters with your recipes so I have definitely done something wrong.

    Here’s what I did….

    1 cup cashews… Grinded these carefully .. No oil released.. Even served them to uniform mix.
    I don’t have much sweets so couldn’t get myself to use 1/2 cup sugar. I used little more than 1/4 cup sugar and 4 tbs water.
    Mixed the cashew powder in the dissolved sugar the moment it dissolved.
    Kept stirring for 8mins.
    This became a paste….. Not exactly a dough.
    As I removed this to knead, it was all sticky and remained sticky. All my fingers kept getting wrapped in the mix.
    I applied oil but still sticky.
    Thought its too wet but I didn’t have milk powder.
    And in the end, it just wouldn’t knead. Remained sticky so didn’t become a dough no matter how I tried.

    What did I do wrong?


    • says

      hi archana. sorry to know that. but let me tell you indian sweets can be disastrous if not made correctly and in the right proportions. i have had many disasters with some indian sweets. here’s what went wrong. since you used less sugar and this amount of sugar was not proportionate with the amount of cashews used in the recipe. this caused some imbalance in the dish. somewhere the sugar has not come to the right consistency while cooking. hence the stickiness.

      • Archana says

        Hi Dassana,
        Thank you for responding even on Holi day :) btw, Happy Holi !! Hope you had a wonderful day….

        I understand now what went wrong – thank you.
        So, if I want less sweet; what should I do? I know from all the comments below that I cannot change the sugar (have to use white sugar)…. So what modification would be ok if I want less sweet?
        Thank you

        Btw, my sweet didn’t work out today but I made Methi Missi Roti following your recipe and it’s perfect :)
        So am having a savory Holi …. :)

        • says

          welcome archana. hope you also had a good holi. our was also fine. i suggest to use organic unrefined cane sugar or raw sugar. simply because its much much better than white sugar. i have used the same in the recipe. the sweetness is a bit less as compared to regular white sugar. jaggery is another option. but the taste will be completely different and not like kaju katli we are used to having. if you halve the proportion of sugar than you have to halve the cashews too. this won’t work out as what you are looking for is less sugar. another option is to use dates puree. but i really don’t know how its going to work out. and there will be change in the method too.

          organic unrefined cane sugar won’t make you feel guilty and one does not feel the sugar rush or high. most indian organic brands have the cane sugar. you should be able to get it in the organic section of superstores and you can also buy online.

          • Archana says

            Great. That helps. I have been using unrefined cane sugar in pretty much everything but thought it had to be white sugar in this as the kaju katli color is white. Unrefined cane sugar turns everything brown though…. How did you retain the white color?
            I bought more Kajus today so will definitely try.

            Thank you

            • says

              i don’t use refined sugar at all. the only refined sugar i use is icing sugar for frostings on cakes. if you see the color its not very white like the mithai shop ones. its more creamish. i did not do anything. i think it depends on the color of the cane sugar. the more dark it is the more brown colored the dish will be.

              • Archana says

                Thank you Dassana. The brown sugar I get here is quite brown (am not residing in India) so everything turns brown but am happy as long as I can avoid the white sugar….
                So I will sure be having brown Kaju Katli…. Soon.

                Best wishes…

  10. Shareena says

    I have a doubt. Is it OK to use jaggery instead of sugar in kaju katli.. If it is possible then please tell me the ratio…

  11. Doctor says

    Hi Dassaa!! Tried kaju katli for the first time n it came out perfect. Thanks for such detailed and step by step recipe… God bless you. ..

  12. Shareena says

    Thank you so much for the recipe.I made it today and shockingly it was perfect… My 2 yr daughter is behind me for the kaju katli… I am happy

  13. Sathya says

    Hi Dassana. I made it just now. It turned out very yummy and the best looking kaju katli that I have made. Thank you so much!

  14. Vivek Kshirsagar says

    Yesterday I Tried It.Everyone One In Home Like It Very Much.Next Time I Will Make In Large Quantity.
    By Reading Your Recipes Day By Day I Become Cook.
    Also I Tried Tawa Paneer.And No Need To Tell You About It…….

  15. GT says

    I tried one of these kaju katli last year, it was the first time I ate it, and they were unforgettable, i really want to try making them myself, may i ask if it was raw cashews and is there anyway i can substitute the sugar with something else, like stevia, which is a lot sweeter than sugar and can only put less if using, will this affect the texture it comes out? like not being moist enough (assuming less water will be used) or cannot mix well?

    • says

      these were raw cashews. its the string consistency in the sugar syrup that gives kaju katli its texture. i don’t think this consistency can be got from stevia. another option would be using dates. these won’t be kaju katli. but like kaju dates barfi or ladoos. dry roast the cashews without letting them turning brown. cool them and then add to the blender along with chopped dates. just make a coarse mixture. scrape off and then form small balls or flatten the mixture on a greased tray. slice them and serve. add some cardamom powder to this. you can also add lightly roasted almonds and pistachios too.

  16. aliyah says

    lol i got the mixture readymade from london they gave me just mixture all i had to do was cut it out in diamond shapees lollllll

  17. says

    Thank you so much for the recipe. I made it too chewy, but my children loved it. It is easy too overcook. But as long as it taste good and it does I will try it over and over again. You make it very easy to follow the steps, thanks again.

  18. ankita says

    I tried thz recipe….. but I put more water thats y it become sticky……I can say it became kaju hlwa….anyways after reading ur conversation with other I realized my mistake ….. :) next tym I will try it once …..
    thanks 4 these amazing recipes :)

    • says

      ohh. the water should just cover the sugar. thats it. you can always try the recipe again. i hope next time you are successful in preparing the kaju katli.

  19. paul says

    Thank u so much 4 ur quick reply. .

    1 tbsp is around 14.2 ml?

    have patience with me. . just stepping in cooking life. .

  20. paul says

    tried this today with palpitations. .
    taste is perfect but it is like semi solid and little chewy. . dont know why its like that.

    how much water to be added for making sugar syrup. .

    Any ways thank you. . My favorite blog

    • says

      both semi solid and chewiness is due to the sugar syrup getting over done and the mixture still having a lot of moisture. probably water must have got become too much. i have mentioned the amount of water in the recipe details. its 5 tbsp. the water should be just about covering the sugar.

    • paul says

      Thank you 4 ur quick reply.

      what is sugar syrup getting over done . .
      have patience with me. . just stepping in cooking life. . :-) .
      i never post comment like this. . but impressed by ur blog. .
      Thank U once again. .

      Im much interested in vegan recipies, without milk products. . also jaggery instead of sugar. can u guide me in this. . i mean food with less oil and devoid of milk and its derivatives n sugar too.

      Thank u in advance. .

      • says

        welcome paul. no issuse. sugar syrup has different stages of cooking. beginning to a thick syrup and moving on to the thread consistencies and then to the ball stage. the string or thread consistencies are one thread to three thread consistencies. if the sugar cooking comes to the soft ball consistency, particularly for this recipe, then the barfi will be chewy. food can be easily made with less oil. the subs for milk are coconut milk, almond milk and cashew milk. but these milks should not be heated, except for thick coconut milk. on heating cashew and almond milk, they kind of become slimy and thick. just a light warming is fine. jaggery can easily be added instead of sugar in most recipes. also you can go for unrefined cane sugar or palm sugar or evaporated cane sugar.

  21. shivani says

    Thank you so much for such an amazing recipe! i never thought that making my favorite mithaai could be so easy! i tried this out with my mum and it turned out to be amazing. my dad failed to believe the fact that they were prepared at home and thought that they were from a popular sweet shop in our city. Believe me, the kaju barfis were that good! pat your own back for being a good teacher 😀
    i feel so happy and this is like an achievement.
    i’m going to try out your other recipes for sure.
    thank you sooooooooooooooo much!

    • says

      thats a wow compliment for me, shivani :-) thanks for sharing your feedback. so now you know how to make them and can make these kaju katlis often. thanks once again.

  22. Priya says

    Made this for Diwali and it came out excellent. Only issue was I had doubled the quantity and therefore was not able to roll out all the kaju katli dough when it was still warm enough – so had diamond shaped Kaitli’s, kaju katli balls and some loose powder. All tasted good and was polished off. Thanks!

  23. Ekta Gupta says

    I had never imagined that “kaju barfi’s” can be prepared at home…your recipes are indeed very simple and easy to follow…I too will try making the kaju barfi at home, just wanted to know can I use broken kaji’s for making the barfi’s?

  24. Aleksandra says

    thanks a lot for the receipe. I am not Indian but my husband is and we both got invited to a Potluck Diwali party. So i took this up, the final result was amazing.. and i was a big hit in the party.. for cooking an indian dish.. so first, thanks a lot for helping people like us who cant make the difference of the various spice powders :)

    here are some updates/questions:

    1. I had to make it for a lot of people, so like 9 cups of cashews.. from the cooking time, should that be increased significantly or … (i know this is a hard one)
    2. i used 5 teaspoon of water (converted them to cups using google calculator).. 45 spoons of water = almost 3 cups
    3. i have a regular blender – what do you use- food processor (another question.. am in the market for the food processor as Indian cooking requires so much of onions chopping..and tomato dicing). I used my blender and had to run in slow speed and did the sieving also.. 2 cups got very pasty bcos my hubby ran in high speed.. we didnt use that.
    4. as we used 45 spoons / 3 cups of water, and then sugar, and then cashews, some where during the 10 mins mark, we realized the entire paste was very liquidy..

    5. so we didnt know should we wait for 10 mins but bcos of 9 cups, we cooked it for an extended period, with the hope of the water evoparating…

    6. at the end, we had to add some milk powder. the biggest challenge i had was it was sticky like crazy.. we used ghee in our hands and every where but everything got sticky sticky and we struggled to role them.

    7… some how after a reasonable amount of cooling, with excess ghee we managed to use the rolling pin

    8. for the day-off, they were so “chewy”…. but Indian families are so nice, that they simply encouraged me..

    9. the best result was the next day, when i had a good amount in my fridge and it was “awesome” the next day after being in the fridge.. same quality as i will buy in a store.. melted in my mouth…

    so where do you think i went wrong, what corrections i should do.. i want to get this better and better :)

    once again thank you.

    • says

      i am awed at all the changes you made and the way you made the kaju katli. hats off to you. my answers to your queries below.

      1. firstly more cashews, more will be the cooking time.
      2. for the sugar syrup, the water just has to be covered with the sugar underneath. just about covered. thats it. so no need for measurements here.
      3. i use an indian mixer-grinder. this has a dry grinder, 2 wet grinders and a juicer. indian brands works best. since the kind of heavy grinding that is required to make some indian recipes.
      4. the stickiness was due to the milk powder. i can imagine what you guys must experienced. you were really patient :-)

      the correction would be the amount of water to be added. as i mentioned, just covering the sugar and then heating the solution till the sugar melts and dissolves.

        • says

          it does not chop onions :-) i am using preethi brand. i have earlier used imported brands like panasonic and black & decker. but they eventually gave away due to heavy usage. but you will get a model with a food processor too. basically for grinding the idli or dosa batter or soaked lentils and even the coconut based pastes or chutneys, the indian brands are better.

  25. ami says

    Hi Dassana,

    just yesterday i are homemade kaju katli’s at my neighbours place. Her mom had made it. I was itching to try making this at home; it seemed like a complicated task. But then i referred to
    your site. The instructions are so clear and simple and the pictures are so good. They came out really well and my four year old devoured it. I did burn my fingers a bit, but totally worth it. Hoping i will be able to replicate the success next time.


  26. sonia says

    kaju katli came out perfect, I tried it for first time…
    Many thanks to you… I learnt a lot from your tips :-)

  27. Narayandas Kalwani says

    Aap ka sumjhany ka method bhut hi saral our sunder laga , esa laga mano hum practical ker rhy hon .

  28. arnav says

    thank u so much for a great recipe…I tried many recipe but all are disaster.I tried ur recipe of kaju katli it turned out great….

  29. sonia says

    hi dasana, is it 250 ml of powdered cashews or whole cashews?? please reply , I m making it now, and will update you on how it came out :-)

  30. priankha palat says

    The reciepes are really very very cool n really easy to make which u can’t even think to make at home u can make them really fast.

    Priankha Palat

  31. sonia says

    Please tell me 1 cup whole/ powdered cashews?? And also how much sugar needed?? And consistency of it.

    • says

      i don’t know the weight in grams. i have used 250 ml measuring cup to measure the cashews. sugar is mentioned in the ingredient list. no consistency.

  32. Smitha says

    How much do you mean by 1 cup? Could you please give me more exact proportions?
    Thanks for this and all your other great recipes!

  33. Smitha says

    Hi Dassana,
    How much do you mean by 1 cup? Could you give me more exact proportions please?
    Thanks for all your great recipes!

  34. Deepa says

    Hi Dassana,

    They came perfect!! :) Today it was my second attempt.. First one was a failure..
    Thanks for the recepie..

  35. Rupa Sarkar says

    Hi Dassana,

    Thanks for this lovely recipe, tried today and it came out perfect! Being a bengali we love sweets and I grew up in UP so always craved for Kaju-Katli during Diwali time. Your recipe made my day! Thanks a ton and wishing you a very happy Diwali!


    • says

      thats nice to know rupa. thanks for your feedback. btw being a non bengali, i love bengali sweets. except for sandesh, not got success in making any other bengali sweet :-) wish you too a happy diwali :-)

  36. Keerthi Luthra says

    Hi Dassana,

    I tried your kaju katli recipe, it turned out fabulous. It tasted better than store bought. Very soft and delicious. Thank you so much for this recipe.

    I wish to make this for Diwali for my friends. If I have to make 60 katlis. Can I increase the measurements to six fold and achieve the same result or you think I should alter it a bit? Also can I make it like 5 days in advance and store it in an air tight container, hoping it will still stay fresh and taste good ? Please advise.


    • says

      hi keerthi, firstly thanks for the feedback on kaju katli. this recipe yields about 12 to 15 kaju katli. so you can increase all the ingredients proportionately 5 to 4 times. kaju katli does not get easily spoiled. so you can safely keep for 5 days.

      • Keerthi Luthra says

        Thanks Dassana for the quick response. I will give them a shot today.


          • Keerthi says

            Hi Dassana,

            I made a big batch of it, and it turned out great. Although the texture was much better when i made it the first time with just one cup of Cashews.

            Thanks a ton Dassana, you make cooking easier for us :)

            Also can you advise whether roasted cashews could be used instead of plain?


            • says

              thanks again keerthi. for a bigger batch, its the grinding that causes issues. i do suggest to grind in batches. like 1 cup of cashews first. seive and then add the small bits again to the grinder and then grind another 1 cup. i don’t think roasted cashews can be used.

  37. Sunny says

    I tried to make kaju katli following your recipe but it turned out chewy. Do you know what might have gone wrong? Thanks!

  38. Chhanda says

    Hey , I liked the tips you provided while grinding the cashews. It really helped me as i was making it first time. Thanks.

  39. iram says

    Its really helpful. Kaaju katli is one of my favourites. Thanks for sharing recipe and pictures of every step really helps me alot. :)

  40. says

    Hi dassana, I love this recipe of yours. And it looks so beautiful. thanks for this.
    One more thing i like with your presentation is the rose petals. They look so elegant and im sure they release a hint of aroma and mild flavor to a sweet :)

    How do you use those? dried ones or fresh? If dried, then how to dry preserve them?
    and if fresh, how to pick the best ones?

    • says

      thanks mansi. there is a subtle aroma of the roses in the kaju katli. i used fresh roses which i had refrigerated. you can even add dried rose petals. you just need to dry the petals in a shade for a few days. then store them in an air tight box and refrigerate. i usually dry the petals from the rose plants in my balcony garden. they are 100% organic and do not have any sprays etc used on them.

  41. pooja rajpoot says

    i want always make a new dish, because i love cooking,so plz send me any recipe in my email id.
    plz send bhalushahi recipe ASAP.

  42. Vaishnavi says

    Thank you so much for sharing a detailed recipe .. Kaju Katli is one of my favourite sweets .. I Followed your instructions to the dot and it came out very well .. Thanks to you :)

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  49. shafali says


    I have kaju katli that was purchased from india and brought to the US. No one in my family is a big fan of it and i was wondering if you had any ideas of how to reconstitute it to make something else out of it.

    thanks in advance

    • says

      try making cashew halwa. i don’t have a recipe, but similar to badam halwa. you can even make cashew rolls or marzipan. marzipan is there on the blog.

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      welcome ramya and thanks a lot for your feedback. even i have made kaju katli from other recipes and regretted and wasted the expensive cashews.

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      these are from my garden. this variety is edible and is used to make gulkand. but i guess any rose with delicate petals can be used. let me know if i am wrong. i just rinsed the petals in water and then dried them with a clean kitchen napkin. once they were dried, i chopped them and added to the cashew katli dough.