janmashtami recipes – 31 janmashtami fasting recipes or vrat recipes


krishna janmashtami or gokulashtami is celebrated all over india as the birth of lord krishna.

janmashtami is celebrated differently in many parts of india. e.g. in maharashtra dahi handi is played and is very popular. whereas in north india, devotees show images of krishna’s childhood which are placed in swings and cradles outside their homes. most of the temples are decorated and people visit the temples till late mid night as this is the time krishna was supposed to be born. places which are associated with krishna’s childhood like mathura, gokul and vrindavan are visited by many devotees.

in north india many hindus keep fast on this day and in this post, i am sharing fasting recipes for janmashtami, in case you are also planning to fast on this holy day.

during religious fasting, only certain flours & grains can be used:

1. singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour)
2. kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour)
3. rajgira ka atta (amaranth flour)  and rajira (amaranth)
4. sama ke chawal ka atta (barnyard millet flour) and vrat ke chawal (barnyard millet)
5. and arrowroot flour.

we use rock salt or sendha namak instead of normal salt. all the rules which applies for navratri fasting applies to the recipes which you can have for janmashtami fasting.

snacks for janmashtami fasting:

1.  sabudana pakora
2.  sabudana vada
3.  roasted makhana (also known as phool makhana or lotus seeds)
4. banana chips
5.  sukhi arbi
6.  arbi tikki
7 . fruit chaat
8.  aloo chaat
9: potato finger chips

main course recipes for fasting:

10. sabudana thalipeeth
11. vrat wale aloo
12. singhare ki poori
13. aloo paneer kofta
14. dahi aloo
15. sabudana khichdi
16. arbi masala
17. kaddu ki sabzi
18. jeera aloo
19 samvat pulao

desserts for janmashtami fasting

20. sabudana ladoo
21. papaya halwa
22. sweet potato halwa
23. sweet lassi
24. carrot payasam
25. seviyan kheer
26. apple halwa
27. lauki ka halwa


28.  palak raita
29.  cucumber raita
30.  phalahari chutney
31.  pudina chaas

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