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collection of 14 tasty idli recipes – idlis, dosa, medu vada are popular south indian breakfast or tiffin snacks. they are usually served coconut chutney, sambar or rasam. there are various varieties of both idli and dosa. each region has their own variations.

most south indian recipes are healthy, delicious and also easy to prepare. idli made from fermented batter is one of the healthiest food and if possible do include soft light fluffy steamed idlis in your diet. idli being fermented is very healthy and should be on the menu of health conscious people. being healthy is also one of the reason that both idli and dosa have become popular all over india and even abroad.

there are many different types of idli recipes made in india. you can make idli from rice, rava, ragi, lentils, brown rice and so on.

the key in making soft idlis is the correct fermentation of the idli batter. if your idli batter is fermented well then the idlis will be soft and fluffy. you can check this post on how to make idli dosa batter. serve idlis with coconut chutney, sambar, idli podi or make idli chaat with it. i have also shared instant idli mix recipe.

usually idli and dosa are taken for breakfast but you can have them at any time of day. here i am sharing the collection of idli recipes already posted on the blog. i am soon going to add more idli varieties like brown rice idli, daliya idli etc. you can also check these useful recipes collections:

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collection of 14 tasty idli recipes:

1. idli – this popular idli recipe post has a lot of tips on making idli batter and step by step photos for making soft idlis at home.

2. poha idli – soft, light and fluffy idlis made with poha (flattened rice), idli rice and urad dal. these poha idlis are so soft that you would love them to dunk in sambar and coconut chutney. in fact even a veg korma will go very well with them. i make set dosa using a similar proportion.

3. rava idli – quick and easy idlis made with sooji or semolina. requires no grinding and fermentation. you can also check this instant rava dosa recipe.

4. oats idli – quick oats idli recipe without fermentation. step by step post. i have also posted instant oats dosa recipe.

5. instant idli recipe – quick and instant recipe of preparing soft idlis. no fermentation required. the recipe yields really good soft and fluffy idlis. for an instant idli recipe, the texture of these idlis is too good. if you are looking for instant idli-dosa options then you can check these recipes:

6. ragi idli – soft as well as nutritious idlis made with finger millet flour, parboiled rice and urad dal. i have also shared instant ragi dosa and fermented version of ragi dosa recipe.

7. instant poha idli recipe – as the name suggests this is quick method of preparing idlis. no fermentation is required. poha makes these idlis light and fluffy. in the recipe i have ground urad dal, but you can also use readymade urad dal flour.

8. kanchipuram idli recipe – kanchipuram idlis are a well known variety of idlis. these are idlis spiced with cumin, pepper and ginger powder. traditionally they are made and offered as naivedyam to bhagwan vishnu in the varadharaja perumal temple in kanchipuram, tamil nadu.

9. idli recipe from cooked rice – ultra soft idlis made with cooked rice, idli rava (cream of rice) and urad dal. if there is any leftover batter than you can easily make masala paniyaram from it.

10. idli recipe with idli rava – soft, fluffy idlis made with idli rava or cream of rice.

11. idli in jackfruit leaves – kotte kadubu are super soft aromatic idlis made in jackfruit leaves cup. in konkani language, these idlis are known as hittu or khotte. steaming in jackfruit leaves give the idlis the flavor and aroma of the jackfruit leaves.

12. thinai idli – light, savory idlis made with foxtail millet and rice. foxtail millet is also known as ‘navane’ in kannada, ‘thinai’ in tamil, ‘kangni’ in hindi, ‘korra’ in telugu.

13. okra idli – soft, fluffy, delicious idli recipe, prepared using bhindi/okra. you can also try making okra dosa with the same batter.

14. samvat rice idli (vrat ki idli) – unique idli recipe made without rice which you can make for fasting or for regular days too. this is a fermented idli made from sama/samo/samvat/vari rice which is a millet grain used during fasting in india.

6 leftover idli recipes:

1. idli chaat – pan fried crisp idlis topped with mix of chutneys, onions and sev.

2. idli fry – crisp idli fry made with left over idlis. can be served with coconut chutney, sambar or tomato sauce.

3. idli upma – simple, no frills homely upma recipe made with leftover idlis. a quick breakfast and gets done in 15 minutes.

4. masala idli – an easy and tasty recipe of a snack. you can use regular idlis or mini idlis to make this snack.

5. chilli idli recipe – spicy indo chinese recipe of chilli idli fry. i have not deep fried the idlis and have pan fried them. i always pan fry the idlis while preparing idli chilly. if you want you can deep fry the idlis.

6. idli manchurian recipe – this indo chinese fusion dish is spicy and lightly sweet and sour. making idli manchurian is quick and the recipe gets done in 20 to 25 minutes.

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