how to make curd at home | method to make dahi or thick curd from milk

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how to make curd or dahi or yogurt at home with tips and step by step photos. a couple of requests on how to make curd/dahi at home and how to make cottage cheese/paneer…. and thus this post on making curd at home.

summers are the best time to have curd (yogurt) just plain or sweetened or in biryani, kadhi, lassi, shrikhand, paneer tikka, aloo tikka or a simple raita. yogurt based dishes are cooling and ideal for summers.

i won’t be going into the food science of making curd and the fermentation process. will just keep it simple with a few tips to keep in mind whilst making curd at home.

handy tips to make good smooth and thick curd or dahi at home:

  • use a good quality milk. full cream milk yields a luscious and thick curd.
  • always boil the milk before making the curd. this ensures that the milk does not spoil during the fermentation process.
  • the milk should not be hot. if its very hot the milk gets coagulates and you might end up getting a grainy curd.
  • if its little hot then the curd does not become thick and is a bit runny with some whey in the curd.
  • if the milk is cold, then the curd won’t be set at all.
  • the milk must be warm. just dip your little finger in the milk and you should feel warm not hot.
  • it is very important to dissolve the curd culture uniformly in the milk. whisk very well with a spoon or a whisker.
  • if you stay in a cold place or have cold temperatures, then cover the bowl or pan in which the curd mixture is with a warm towel or warm blanket and keep it in a warm place in your kitchen.
  • also you could place the bowl in a big large jar of wheat flour and then cover the jar. this is how my mom in law would make curd in the delhi winters.
  • in summers the curd will be set faster than in the winters. so remember this point.
  • you could use any quantity of milk you want to make the thick curd.
  • for half a litre milk, 1 tsp of curd culture works fine. increase proportionally for larger quantities of milk.
  • once the curd is set, refrigerate the curd.

how to make curd or dahi – method below:

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how to make curd or dahi at home | thick curd recipe
prep time
5 hrs
cook time
5 mins
total time
5 hrs 5 mins

method to make curd or dahi at home from milk.

course: side dish
cuisine: indian
servings: 1 medium size bowl of curd
author: dassana amit
ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)
  • ½ litre of milk or 500 ml milk
  • 1 teaspoon curd (dahi or yogurt)
how to make recipe
  1. boil the milk first.
  2. let the milk become warm.
  3. in the same pan that you have boiled the milk, add 1 tsp of curd and mix well.
  4. cover and keep the pan for 5-6 hours or till the curd has set.

you can use curd to make simple raitas or use it in variety of dishes like rajasthani kadhi, paneer tikka masala, shahi paneer, mango lassi, veg biryani, veg korma. you can also serve it plain with aloo paratha, plain paratha or other stuffed paratha varieties.

stepwise process of making curd or dahi or yogurt at home:

1: first keep the milk to boil.

2: let the milk come to a boil. simmer for a minute or two and then close the burner.

3: cool the milk at room temperature till it becomes warm.

4: i have used the same pan in which i boiled the milk. add a teaspoon of curd (yogurt) culture to the milk and mix well. your curd is all ready to set. cover and keep at room temperature for 4-5 hours or till the curd is set. you could also keep it overnight also.

5: so now you have a nice well set homemade curd.

6: curd or dahi can be had plain or sweetened or can be made into a dessert, drink or any dish of your choice.

few popular recipes made from curd are:

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