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almond milk homemade

how to make almond milk from scratch – i have been using a lot of nuts milk (cashew and almond milk) and soy milk in my diet. the morning chai is made with soy milk or cashew milk. in the cakes or breads that i make i add these non diary milks or water.

after having almond milk a couple of times, i have got hooked on to it. its soooo good. especially for a milk hater like me. i could never just have plain milk even with sugar.

its easy on the tummy and there is no after milk smell in the palate. its also good for kids who are allergic to milk or have lactose intolerance.

almond milk can be had plain or sweetened with some sugar or jaggery or honey. if you like chocolate, then warm the milk and add some cocoa powder and you have a nice warm chocolate drink. you can even mix cereals or fruits with the milk.

we use almond milk not only as a beverage, but i also make my favorite desserts – seviyan (vermicelli) kheergajar(carrot) halwa & fruit custard with it. recently i made strawberry falooda with almond milk and it was truly awesome. so after making a few indian desserts with almond milk, i have come to the conclusion that almond milk substitutes very well with cow’s milk in making indian sweets.

the consistency of almond milk is similar to diary milk but it has a refreshing taste & flavor unlike cow’s milk. again there are added health benefits of having almond milk everyday. in the refrigerator the almond milk stays best for 3-4 days.

lets begin step by step process of how to make almond milk:

1: boil water and switch of the flame when the water becomes hot and starts boiling.

2: rinse the almonds and add these to the boiled water. cover with a lid and let the almonds get blanched for 30-45 minutes. i blanch the almonds as its easier to remove the peel. you can also soak the almonds overnight. but i find peeling soaked almonds cumbersome. the peels just don’t come off easily. you can keep the peels if you want. i remove them as they irritate our throats when they are ground.

rinse almonds

3: drain the water. this water you can cool and give it to your plants. just press the peel of the almond between your thumb and forefinger and the peel comes off easily. remove the peels of all the almonds this way.

drain almond water

4: now add 3 cups water in the blender along with the almonds. blend till smooth.

blend almonds

5: using a juice strainer/fine sieve/muslin/cheese cloth bag strain the milk keeping a large bowl or pan below.

strain the almond milk

6: you will see the milk filtering down and the almond pulp on the strainer. press the pulp with a wooden spoon or non reactive metal spoon.

almond pulp

7: now take this pulp back into the blender and add 1 cup of water and blend again. this part is optional. you can just blend the almonds with 4 cups water and then strain the milk once. strain again.

almond milk preparation

8: press with the spoon again so that all the milk is extracted from the pulp.

almond pulp

9: collect the leftover almond paste and freeze or refrigerate it. you can add this to your roti dough, bread dough and even sweets. or just roast them in a pan till they become dry. grind in a dry grinder and you have homemade almond flour which you can add to your tarts, cookies, cakes, breads etc making it excellent to make gluten free goodies.

almond paste

10: collect the almond milk in a ceramic or glass jar or glass bottle. keep the jar covered. keep in the refrigerator.

almond milk

11: use almond milk whenever required to make your favorite drink or just have it plain. stir the jar or bottle before using the milk as the heavy particles settle down. for a warm drink, just warm the milk, don’t boil.

boiling or over heating will cause the almond milk to separate and loose all its taste and flavor. or just have the almond milk as it is.

almond milk recipe

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how to make almond milk method below:

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how to make almond milk
how to make almond milk from scratch at home.
RECIPE TYPE: beverages
CUISINE: world
SERVES: 3.5 to 4 cups
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1 cup almonds or badam
  • 4 cups water to blend the almonds
  • 3-4 cups water for blanching the almonds
  1. boil water.
  2. add rinsed almonds.
  3. cover and let the almonds get blanched for 30-45 minutes.
  4. when the almonds are soaked well, drain the water.
  5. peel of the almonds one by one.
  6. blend the peeled almonds with 3 or 4 cups water in a blender.
  7. strain once or twice.
  8. collect the almond milk in a bottle or jar.
  9. keep almond milk covered in fridge.
  10. almond milk stays good for 3-4 days.
  11. the leftover almond paste can be used in cakes, cookies or making breads.
the almonds can be soaked overnight also.

the milk can be strained in one go or twice or thrice.

for a thick milk, first blend the almond with 1 or 2 cups of milk and then strain. this will be a thick milk. collect the pulp in the blender. add 2 cups water and blend again. strain and this will be the thin milk.

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    Hi Dassana,
    Just wanted to know, if we can use this milk in summers too? As it is said that almods are garam in taseer.

  2. hetal says

    Hi! I simply loved your recipe. But I have a doubt. I recenyltly came across a cake recipe that requires almond milk in it. Can I use this almond milk to bake cakes?

  3. lakshmi says

    I prepared the almond milk using the receipe. Came out very well. Add date syrup for sweetness. Also used this to make avacado milkshake. My family loved it.


  4. Aditi says

    Hi, really the this post made the process seem so simple, I wanted to ask what is the shelf life of this milk?

  5. Minni says

    Hi Dassana,
    I love your blog – the recipe explanations, the pics. It’s great – I’m happy your husband convinced you to make this blog happen :)

    I have a question. Where do you buy your organic almonds? I love almond milk and would love to make it all over again but the organic shops sell it in 100 g-packs and totalled up to bigger amounts (which will be required for constant almond milk making) will be expensive.
    I’ve read that almonds get sprayed a lot, so it’s important to get them organic. On the other hand cashews cannot take pesticides well, so again I’ve read that cashews could also be bought non-organic if required. Do you agree?
    I’d love to get a tip from you in this regard! Thanks!

    • says

      hi minni – firstly thanks a lot. i had actually got these almonds from an organic fair. i had got in bulk. i have seen 500 gms organic almonds and cashews from down to earth organic brand. living in goa, i have seen cashew trees not being sprayed with pesticides. they grow so much in abundance there and wildly too. so cashews can be brought non organic. even i buy non organic cashews. however almonds i prefer to buy them organic.

  6. Sheeba says

    hi have got a really nice blog..i came upon it accidentally ,and iam really glad that i did.Now any time i want to make a veg dish,i just visit your blog..and iam happy to say that all of them came out really well
    i tried out the almond milk too..wanted to do it since a very long time and it was an instant hit..well i’d like to leave a tip here..if you have a microwave just put the almonds in a microwave safe dish, along with water to soak them and microwave for about 30-45 secs..the skins will come off in a jiffy
    thanks again for the lovely blog..

  7. Aman says

    Hi Dassana,

    I tried this at home, and the almond milk was really yummy!! My husband and my little baby loved it, it has become kind of regular at my home now.
    Thanks for sharing such nice recpies!

  8. michelle says

    Thanks for sharing this and for your pictures! I’ve wanted to make almond milk for a while now, will definitely try!!

  9. sneha says

    i tried making chai with almond milk but it gets curdled :(
    any idea what went wrong or we cannot make tea with almond milk.

    • says

      hi sneha. if you heat or boil the almond milk in chai, then it gets curdled. the same thing happens with cashew milk. i personally do not like the taste of tea made with almond milk. with cashew milk, one does not come to know much of a difference. it tastes like regular chai. the one made with soy milk has the soy taste. so i suggest that just add the almond or cashew milk, then stir and switch off the flame. a little extra heat and they start becoming slimy. you can make tea with almond milk. if you like the taste, then your mornings tea with almond milk will be super healthy. if you want to make cashew milk, then here’s the recipe:

      soak 1 cup cashew for 1-2 hours.
      drain and then blend very well with 3 or 4 cups water. it should be smooth.
      pour in a jar and keep covered in the fridge.
      use whenever required.
      stays good for 4-5 days.

  10. says

    Wow u read my mind.I hate regular milk too can’t bear the smell even when I am boiling it. lovely almond milk. First time to your space loving it glad to know you Dassana

    • says

      i have a slight lactose intolerance to milk but not milk prodcuts. i make nut milks as a part of my vegan living. even before going vegan i would never have plain milk, and just very little milk with tea.