mango cheese cake recipe

mango cheesecake recipe with step by step photos – this is a delicious no bake vegetarian mango cheese cake recipe made without eggs and gelatin. i have made this cake thrice in this mango season. one of the favorite mango desserts at home and no wonder i end up making this delicious cheesecake.

the mango cheesecake recipe is without eggs, gelatin and a no bake version. i will not say making this mango cheesecake is a breeze. no it is not. you have to spend some time prepping up like making the mango puree (if using fresh mangoes), the agar agar solution, and the cream cheese mixture. go step wise and methodically so that things are easy. as always i will suggest to use fresh sweet mangoes to make this cheesecake and not canned mango pulp.

there are three layers in this mango cheesecake – the bottom biscuit (cracker crumb layer), the middle mango cream cheese layer and the top mango layer. you can also make just two layers and skip the top most third layer (mentioned in the notes section below). few more similar recipes are:

the cheesecake does not have a smooth & silken appearance because i have not heated the mango puree while adding the hot agar agar solution. we do not like the taste of cooked mango puree in a dessert. the taste of this cheesecake is damn good though.

so if you want a silken looking mango cheesecake, then just heat through the mango puree and add the hot agar agar solution to it. stir and then add half of this mango puree to the cream cheese mixture. if you want to taste the freshness and sweetness of mangoes as it is and do not bother about the look, then make this recipe.

mango cheese cake

i have made the cheesecake both with cream crackers and whole wheat marie biscuits. both taste good. you can also use your choice of crackers or biscuits. use a good quality cream cheese. i have added philadelphia cream cheese, which is available in most metros. for the cream i have used amul cream.

if making the cheese cake for the first time, then i would suggest you to use glasses or bowls, so that you can just make the layers in them. removing the cheesecake from the pan is a bit tricky.  the pan also has to be a detachable one (shown in step  by step pics). the mango cheesecake served in individual bowls or glasses, look pleasing as well as easy to serve (mentioned in the notes section below).

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eggless mango cheesecake recipe below:

eggless mango cheesecake recipe
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eggless mango cheesecake recipe | vegetarian mango cheese cake recipe

eggless mango cheesecake recipe - no bake vegetarian mango cheese cake recipe made without eggs and gelatin.

course desserts
cuisine world
prep time 45 minutes
cook time 2 minutes
total time 47 minutes
servings 4 to 5
author dassana amit

ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)

for bottom layer of mango cheesecake:

  • 14 to 15 crackers or marie biscuits
  • 3 tablespoon honey OR 3 tablespoon melted butter. (i used honey)
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon powder (dalchini powder)

for the middle cream cheese layer and top layer:

  • 3 medium mangoes - yields about 2 cups of mango pulp. (i used alphonso mangoes. use any good quality mangoes which are sweet and have a firm flesh. avoid using mangoes having a fibrous texture)
  • 200 to 225 grams plain cream cheese
  • 200 ml cream - i used amul cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or essence
  • ¾ cup sugar or add as required depending on the sweetness of the mangoes
  • 5 to 6 tablespoon chopped agar agar strands OR 3 to 3.5 teaspoon agar agar powder
  • ¾ cup water

how to make recipe?

making bottom layer of mango cheesecake:

  1. break the biscuits and add them to a food processor or a dry grinder and powder them. add cinnamon powder and honey or butter and just blend them once more till the honey/butter is evenly mixed.
  2. grease a detachable pie pan bottom with unsalted butter.
  3. place the powdered crackers/biscuits on the pie pan and with your fingertips just press them and make an even layer.
  4. keep in the fridge for about 15 to 20 mins for the bottom crumb layer to set.

making middle and top layer of mango cheesecake:

  1. cut the agar agar sticks and soak them in 1/2 cup of water for 20 to 25 mins in a small pan.
  2. peel and chop the mangoes. prepare a smooth puree of the chopped mangoes in a blender. divide the mango puree into two equal portions in separate bowls and keep aside.
  3. in a another mixing bowl or pan, take the cream cheese, cream, vanilla extract and sugar.
  4. with a wired whisk whip this mixture very well till smooth. you can also use a stand mixer or a hand held mixer or food processor.
  5. then add half of of the mango puree (i had 1 cup of mango puree) and gently mix it with the cream cheese mixture.
  6. now heat the pan containing the agar agar and water on a sim or low flame.
  7. keep on stirring and cook this mixture till the agar agar dissolves completely in the water and you see a smooth gelatinous liquid.
  8. when the agar agar solution becomes warm, take equal portions of it. add one portion of the warm agar agar solution to the mango cream cheese mixture and stir quickly and vigorously.
  9. add the remaining half portion to the mango puree and again stir quickly. if the mangoes are not sweet, then do add some sugar to this half of the mango puree before you add the agar agar solution.
  10. in case, the agar agar solidifies, then reheat it again adding some water. you can also keep it on a hot water bath to melt it again.
  11. pour the mango cream cheese mixture on to the cracker crumb layer.
  12. shake the pan gently to spread even the cream cheese. with a spatula even the second mango cheese cake layer.
  13. keep the pan in the fridge for about 30 to 35 mins.
  14. remove and then layer the mango + agar agar mixture gently on the middle cream cheese layer. with a flat spatula spread the last layer carefully.
  15. if the mango puree has become thick with the agar agar setting in it, then just lightly microwave it.
  16. cover the pan and keep in the refrigerator for the mango cheese cake to set for 3 to 4 hours.
  17. unmould carefully and then place the cheesecake on a serving tray or plate or cake stand.
  18. decorate with whipped cream, chopped mangoes, mint leaves or whatever you prefer.
  19. slice the mango cheese cake and serve immediately.

recipe notes

tips for making eggless mango cheesecake recipe:

  1. if you want a silken looking mango cheesecake, then just heat gently through the mango puree and add the hot agar agar solution to it. stir and then add half of this mango puree to the cream cheese mixture. the remaining half you keep aside and then use it to make the top most layer.
  2. if the agar agar solution solidifies, then reheat it again adding some water or melt on a hot water bath.
  3. if you want to make just a two layer cheesecake, then add the entire mango puree to the cream cheese, cream, sugar mixture. also add the entire amount of agar agar solution when it becomes warm to the mango cheese cake mixture.
  4. for making the cheesecake in serving glasses or bowls, first layer with the cracker crumb layer. set for 10 mins in the fridge. then add the mango cream cheese layer in the glasses/bowls. allow to set for 15 to 20 mins. then add the mango puree layer and keep to set for 2 to 3 hours.

step by step no bake eggless mango cheesecake recipe:

1. below the ingredients required – in anti clock wise order from left – biscuits, cream cheese, mangoes, agar agar and amul cream.

ingredients for eggless mango cheesecake recipe

2. cut the agar agar strands with kitchen scissors to small pieces.

cut the agar agar strands for cake

3. soak the agar agar pieces in water for 25 to 30 mins.

soak agar agar for making mango cheese cake

4. meanwhile break the crackers or biscuits in a dry grinder or blender or food processor. grind to a fine powder. a slight coarse consistency is also alright.

grind biscuits for making mango cheese cake

5. add cinnamon powder and honey.

add honey - mango cheese cake recipe

6. blend till the honey mixes well. scrape with a spoon or spatula if required.

preparing mango cheese cake recipe

7. grease the base of the pan with butter. this is a pie pan with a detachable base. skip this step if you are using individual bowls or glasses.

making mango cheese cake recipe

8. place the powdered cracker or biscuits on the greased pan base. spread the layer evenly with a spoon or spatula and with your finger tips press the layer. keep this layer in the fridge for it to set for about 15 mins.

preparing mango cheese cake recipe

9. prepare the mango puree in a blender. divide the mango puree into two equal portions in separate bowls and keep aside.

mango puree

10. whisk the cream cheese, cream, sugar and vanilla extract. i have used a wired whisk and this takes some extra time and a lot of hand work to smoothen the cream cheese. you can use a hand held beater or a food processor or stand mixer to do this job and make your life easy 🙂

whisk the cream cheese, cream, sugar

11. add half of the mango puree to the whipped cream cheese mixture. mix very well.

add mango puree heat the pan containing the agar agar and water on a sim or low flame. keep on stirring and cook this mixture till the agar agar dissolves in the water and you see a smooth gelatinous liquid.

making mango cheese cake recipe

13. when the agar agar solution becomes warm, add half of it to the mango cream cheese mixture and stir quickly and vigorously.

add agar agar to cream cheese mixture

14. add another half of the agar agar solution to the remaining half of the mango puree and stir quickly. keep aside.

add agar agar to mango puree

15. pour the mango cream cheese mixture on the base cracker layer. shake the pan gently to spread the cream cheese. with a spatula even mango cream cheese layer.

pour the mango cream cheese mixture

16. keep the pan again in the fridge for about 30 to 35 mins for the second layer to set a bit. then with a spatula spread the remaining mango+agar agar mixture very gently on the cream cheese layer without disturbing it.

preparing mango cheese cake recipe

17. here’s the mango cheese cake before going into the refrigerator. refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours till the cheesecake is set.

spread the mango layer

18. this is mango cheesecake set and done, the next day. gently remove the base on a cake stand or on a serving plate.this one is just topped with some mint leaves.

mango cheese cake after refrigeration

19. you can decorate the cheesecake with chopped mangoes, chocolate shavings, whipped cream or anything that you and your family prefers. the one in the pic below has cocoa powder sprinkled with chopped mangoes and a touch of mint leaves in the center.

making mango cheese cake recipe

20. slice the mango cheese cake and serve immediately. for more delicious mango recipes you can check this collection of 41 mango recipes.

eggless mango cheese cake recipe

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  1. Hello,
    How can I modify this recipe if I am using agar agar powder instead of the strands?


  2. Dear Dassana, i would like to ask you how else can i use agar agar as i have a few more packets of five star agar agar. i tried out the mango cheesecake and it turned out superb. i would be grateful for your advice in using the same for other recipes. Thank you in advance

  3. Dear Dassana,
    I have spare packets of agar agar and wish to use them. Can you tell me other recipes for which i may use it?. Thanks in advance.

  4. Sayanee Engineer

    I’m an amateur at desserts (I’m 14). I’ve tried a lot of your recipes and they turned out fabulous.
    But today, something went wrong with this. I used gelatine instead of Agar Agar powder else everything was same and the cake isn’t setting.
    Can you please guide me to where i might have gone wrong.

    1. sayanee, with gelatin the proportion will change. i am not sure exactly how much gelatin to add as i have not used it in this recipe. since the cheesecake has not set, it means that the gelatin amount was less. if more had been added, it would have set well. hope this helps.

  5. Dear Dasanna
    Thank you so much for this recipe. I tried it out and its amazing. Your site is always my website for recipes and invariably it turns out fine. Keep up the good work!! and thanks again.

  6. Aditi Khadilkar

    Hi desana, i always try your recipes.they are very well explained and demonstrated. Today i tried this cheesecake but it did not set at all. Taste was good but its consistency was like thick shake. I used china grass. But cannot guess what went wrong. I used local cream cheese. Can that be a problem?

    1. aditi, could be due to the local cream cheese. i guess they are not as creamy as thick as compared to the imported ones. also if using china grass, then the quantity can be increased. as china grass has more ingredients in it along with agar agar powder or strands.

  7. Hello Dassanna,

    I really like your recipes. In the mango cheesecake, is there a substitute for agar-agar?


  8. I made the cake with paneer and hung curd. Added the agar agar. Either the cake is too watery or too thick like the China grass moulds. It doesn’t give the exact consistency. Where am i going wrong.? But the taste is awesome. I made a paste of hung curd , paneer, sugar and cream into fine paste. Added mango pulp and mixed the mixture. Prepared agar agar solution and mixed it.poured in on top of the biscuit layer and kept in refrigerator. Please guide as to where am I going wrong.

    1. if you use paneer and hung curd, then no need to use agar agar. both hung curd and paneer will give a nice texture. somewhere some ingredient is more or less. its difficult for me to find out as i do not have the exact recipe you have used. let me know.

  9. hey hi. I am not getting cream cheese anywhere can i use cheese spread instead of cream cheese ??

    1. kirti cream cheese has a different texture and not meant for baking cream cheese cakes. so preferably use a cream cheese, nowadays you easily get cream cheese at any leading stores or super markets. hope this information helps you.

  10. Hi Dassana,
    Would love to try this recipe. However there are few doubts I have :
    1) Can digestive biscuits be used instead of the crackers,if so what will be the quantity of the powdered biscuits (in cups)?
    2) What is the weight of agar agar used in the recipe,also can it be divided and heated seperately to the cream cheese mixture and the mango puree?
    3) Does warm agar solution mix into the cool cream cheese/mango puree homogeneously?
    4) The above recipe can be made in a single 8 inch detachable pan?
    Thank you:-)

    1. ashwini, your queries answered.

      1. yes digestive biscuits can be used. its difficult for me to give the quantity in cups. just use the same nos as mentioned in the post or you can decrease or increase.
      2. agar agar is so light, than it needs to weighed in milligrams. i did try weighing, but i have weighing scale abovr 1 gram. yes you can divide and heat it separately.
      3. the cream cheese and mango puree have to be at room temperature. if they are cold or chilled, then the agar agar solidifies. if you see some specks of agar agar soldifying, then just add the mixture in a blender or use a hand held blender and beat the mixture.
      4. yes.

  11. Hi,
    If i substitute mango with strawberries quantity (2cup purée) would be the same or any change ???

    1. strawberry puree will be thinner than a mango puree or pulp. so just add some more cream cheese like 250 to 275 grams and more of agar-agar (8 to 9 tbsp chopped agar agar strands).

  12. Which brand of cream cheese would you recommend for this? The only one I’ve found in stores is Britannia and that happens to have salt in it. Is that normal?

    1. meghana preferably you could use kraft cream cheese or philadelphia cream cheese for cheesecakes. you could find them in big super markets or godrej natures basket or hypercity. hope this help’s you 🙂

  13. Hi if we are using gelatin instead of agar how much gelatin should we use ? Also in how much water?

  14. I tried this cake today… The taste was awesom but my texture was not that solid… When I has cut it… It became more like pudding.. What went wrong? Was it the agar agar?

  15. shruti shembekar

    Ma’am this recipe is awesome! Tastes too good.fresh and summery! Everyone loved it.
    I was just wondering if we can use mango pulp in the off season.. Would that help?

  16. Hi Dassana,
    Firstly let me congratulate you on your blog. It is so good that I actually set it as a bookmark on my Blackberry so I can access it in a click 🙂 The mango cheese cake looks pretty interesting and I’m sure it tastes just as good. Will surely try it this summer. I have a quick question. Can the mango be replaced by any fruit of my choice or is there any particular fruit (in ur opinion) that might not go well with the recipe? Kindly reply. Thanks In Advance.

    1. thanka padmaja for your kind words. i think you need a good pulpy fruit. so you can try with banana or papaya. but i have never made with them. but with mangoes the taste is awesome. made this cake many times last year with mangoes.

  17. Hi Dasanna, I am an old lady who wanted to make a perfect mango cheese cake.I did it well following your recipe,thanx a ton.U have done a great job to teach us

  18. I am an old lady.wanted to try veg, cheese cake.I tried ur receipe step by step .It came out to be perfect one.Thanx a lot being a Jain we donot touch eggs.

  19. Hi Dasanna,

    firstly let me congratulate with good work and efforts you are taking in all the detailed recepies. am new learner in field of cooking.. but seriously the day i encountered with your veg recepies am simply loving it.
    Now my Querry.. in the mango cheese cake.. its difficult to have fresh mangoes in this season but i hav a pulp tin..
    could you please help me with the quantity and the in which step shld i add it.. want to try this recepies.. it is looking yummy and cant wait to try it..

    Please help..

    Thank You and Best regards

    1. thanks a lot prashali. the quantity of mango pulp is mentioned in the recipe details. its 2 cups. which is about 500 ml of mango pulp. you will have to add same as mentioned in the recipe. 1 cup to the cream cheese mixture and reserve 1 cup for the top layer.

  20. Hi Dassana, love your recipes, have tried a lot of them and all of them turned up exceptionally delicious. Was planning to try this cheesecake recipe but i have gell a tone available at home. how much of this should i use as a substitute for agar agar?

      1. Finally made this cheesecake and it is setting in the fridge. Tasted some of the mixture and it tasted divine. I set the cheesecake in a springform pan and two bowls for individual servings. Hubby who is not a big fan of mangoes actually finished the bowls before they could even chill properly. However I faced a problem, the moment I added agar agar to the mango puree the agar agar solidified and did not mix with the puree so I gave the mango and agar agar mix a quick churn in the blender before adding it to the cheesecake mix. I just hope that the cheesecake sets. Keeping my fingers crossed.

        1. if the mango is puree is at a cooler temperature, the agar agar will solidify. but glad that you used your presence of mind and blended the mixture. i hope the cheesecake set well and tasted good too.

  21. What brand of Cream Cheese is available in indian groceries?
    Also, please tell me what is the difference between fresh cream and whipped cream.
    Isn’t fresh cream sour? Is whipped cream available in stores too?

    1. where i live, i get international as well as local brands of cream cheese like philadelphia, kraft, arla etc. you also get amul and britannia ones but they are salted & flavored ones. if you live in the indian metro cities, you can even buy them online or in a supermarket or superstore. you can make cream cheese at home too. there are may recipes online on how to make it at home.
      fresh cream is just cream which has not been whipped. it has a flowing consistency. whipped cream is cream which has been whipped to give soft or stiff peaks.
      fresh cream is not sour. its has a light sweet taste. whipped cream is not available in stores. fresh cream is available. sour cream is also available but not in indian markets. sour cream is different from fresh cream. sour cream has a sour taste.

  22. it is looking delicious!
    just one question about cooking-
    what will happen if bake this instead of setting it?

  23. Hi ,
    I was looking for a vegetarian cheese cake recipie when one of my friends recomended me your blog. You have put in great amout of pains and efforts into both your blog and recipie.
    I belong to a really small town and we dont have any super markets here which is why i usually call up people and ask them to send their stuff to me. Can u please please tell me some information where i can get both cream cheese , i have a pale of Mascarpone will that work ? I also dont know where to get agar agar from if u could just click a picture of the packet where some contact details are given it’ll be of great help! Thank you so much for your time and patience to teach the less fortunate ones !

    1. thanks a lot nandini. yes you can use mascarpone instead of cream cheese. cream cheese is difficult to get in small towns. but in places like mumbai, bangalore, pune, cream cheese is available. since i have lived in one, i know. i get agar agar from the supermarket here. the brand is five star. its mentioned like this “five star agar agar halwa grass”. you can email them at or call them on 9820677936. their email address & phone number is mentioned on the pack. hope this helps.

  24. Hi Dassana,

    In reference to the mango cheesecake, what’s a substitute for agar agar. I don’t have that. Can I please use something else. for e.g. cornstarch.

    I love your recipies and I use them often. Please keep sharing.


    1. hi bindi, corn starch will not help. it will thicken but not help to set. if you are alright with a pudding like consistency, then you can add cornstarch. but you will have to just gently heat the mango puree with the corn starch. do not allow the mango puree to boil. just cook the mixture till it becomes smooth and thickens. then add half or two-third of this mixture to the cream cheese mixture. the remaining half or one-third of the mango mixture, you keep for the top layer.

  25. i cannot find cream cheese at my place so i have been researching websites and the good alternative in india is paneer.can you explain how i can substitute cream cheese with craving cheesecake =( thanks

    1. you will have to use the paneer with hung yogurt or condensed milk. you can use 100 to 150 gms of paneer with 200 gms of hung yogurt or with 200 ml of condensed milk. you will have to add the sugar accordingly. blend the paneer+hung yogurt or paneer+condensed milk in a grinder or blender till smooth. i am just giving the measures on pure assumption. feel free to increase the quantities of paneer and the hung yogurt or condensed milk accordingly. to get 200 gms of hung yogurt, you will need to strain 400 to 500 gms of full fat yogurt. just line a muslin cloth on a strainer or colander and add the yogurt. tie the muslin. place a bowl or pan beneath and keep in the fridge, for 5 to 6 hours or overnight. the whey will get drained and what you get is thick hung yogurt.

  26. Hi Dassana,

    I keep going through ur recipes as they r veg n use healthy stuff like whole wheat instead of maida. Agar agar u have used here, is it readily available everywhere. Would love to try this b4 d mangoes disappear from the market.

  27. hi, i made this cheesecake, using your recipe.. after 5 hours when i removed it from the pan, it started melting and it broke 🙁
    what i can do to, set it again ?
    please help

    1. possibly, its not set. it does not melt. there is nothing you can do now. the setting of cheesecake depends on many things besides agar-agar. the quality of cream cheese, thickness of the mango puree and how well you have melted the agar agar strands. the strands should be completely melted. if not, then the cheesecake won’t set.

  28. Hi Dassana, I am back with a query, just in case if I don’t find cream cheese, how do I proceed with this recipe, can I make cream cheese ar home?


    1. you can make cream cheese at home, but just that it will take some more time. you can use cream cheese spread. my sister makes cheesecakes with britannia cream cheese spread. the plain one that we spread on toast or butter. the taste will be different though.

  29. preeti sethi malhotra

    Hi , Thanks for recipe Can u pls suggest about serving in glasses or bowl .As it will be for first time I m making a cake .

    1. if serving in glasses or bowls, then first make a layer of the biscuit crumb. refrigerate the glasses for 10 mins. remove and then pour the cheesecake mixture. set for 10 mins and again remove and add the last layer of mango & agar agar mixture. return back to the fridge and allow to set the cheesecakes.

  30. Hi Dassana ,

    what was the size of the mould you used ? i have 9 inch dia n 3 inch high detachable one … i want this info to know if i need to double the ingredients . Also can i add carrageenan instead of agar as it is much more smoother and also vegetarian.

    1. its 8 inches diameter and 1.5 inch high. i do not know how carrageenan will work. but from what i have read on the web, carageenan can lead to gastro intestinal problems.

  31. If I’m using agar agar powder, should I soak them? How much water should I use for agar agar powder? Will it make any difference if I use agar agar powder instead of flakes?

    1. yes, you soak the agar agar in the same amount of water and then cook it. no difference. 3 to 3.5 tbsp of agar agar powder. i have already mentioned in the recipe details.

  32. Hi Dassana, I am a regular at making cakes with egg but kind of scared to try out eggless cakes, fear they would not be fluffy. But will soon try this mango cake, looks yummy….

    1. swati, this is no bake version. in fact eggless cakes which are baked are also good. you can try some of the baked eggless cakes from the blog.

  33. Hi Dassana, could you tell me the substitute of Agar agar apart from China grass or gelatin (as mentioned in your earlier post?)

    1. neyha, to make it set firmly like you can slice the cake, agar agar is the only vegetarian option. but if you are not concerned so much about the texture and won’t mind something smooth, then you can use corn starch/corn flour. in this case, you will have to cook mango puree in corn starch solution (corn flour dissolved in some water) till the mango puree thickens. then add the mango puree to the cream cheese mixture. however, the cheesecake would have mousse or pudding like consistency. i have never tried this way, though.

      1. Hi Dassana,

        Thanks for the reply.

        Do let me know if you come up with Cheesecake (baked) recipe sometime 🙂


    1. saniya, vegetarian option for this recipe is only agar agar. another vegetarian option is to use flavored china grass like vanila. but it will change the taste of the whole recipe. gelatin is another option and but it is not vegetarian and is made from animal bones.

  34. Dassana, a question about both this receipe and the mango panna cota recipe- we don’t get fresh mangoes and instead I used canned mango paste. In the panna cota recipe, the liquid in this likely caused the mix to not set (too much liquid in the canned mango paste; the panna cota was delicious otherwise!). I am thinking of skipping the cream in this recipe since the mango paste has more liquid than fresh mango puree. Does this make sense to you?

    1. ok. i think they make the puree more liquid. cost cutting stuff. the homemade one with fresh mangoes is very thick. i think for this recipe too, the cheesecake won’t set. my feeling is that the cream would balance the liquidity of the mangoes. so i would not suggest to skip the cream.

  35. Hi Dassana, Awesome looking cheese cake and I bet it tastes even better ! From the pics I can see you have used Philadelphia cream cheese and I wanted to know incase I can’t find it , could you recommend any other brand of cream cheese that can be used ?

    1. thanks radhika. i also used bagel cream cheese. it was good, but i felt philadelphia was better. my sister has also made cheesecakes with britannia cream cheese spread. she did have this mango cheese cake and said they were much much better than the cheesecakes made with britannia cream cheese.

      1. Hey Dassana, thank you for the wonderful recipes. I have used many of them and it turned out to be very tasty most of the time. I wanted to make plain cheesecake but I don’t have oven. Can I use this recipe to make the cheesecake without mango puree in it. Should the quantity of any of the ingredients be changed because of not adding the mango puree? ,

        1. welcome jaya. of course you can use this recipe to make a plain vanilla cheesecake. basically there are two type of cheesecakes, one is baked and the other is non baked version. you can use the same amount of cream cheese and amul cream. only the sugar you will have to increase. so you can add 3/4 cup sugar first. if you feel the mixture is less sweet, then you can add 2 to 3 tablespoons more of the sugar. use the same amount of agar agar and other ingredients.

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