vegetable pulao recipe in pressure cooker, easy veg pulao recipe

easy and quick vegetable pulao recipe cooked in a pressure cooker. vegetable pulao is a comfort one pot meal when we don’t have time to do elaborate cooking or you have to cook food on a short notice or in a quick time.

here i am sharing the way i make vegetable pulao at home. i sometimes make pulao in a pressure cooker using this recipe or sometimes my mom’s veg pulao recipe. when i have time, i cook in a pot and when no time, i use the pressure cooker.

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pressure cooking rice can be tricky. different types of rice will cook at different timings. since i stick to the same brand of organic basmati rice, i now know how much time the grains take to cook. what i have learnt from experience is that its better to soak the rice first. the proportion i use for rice to water is 1: 2 or 1:1.5

while cooking, after adding the rice, stir the grains with the rest of the ingredients well, so that the oil coats each rice grain. i usually pressure cook on a high flame for 2-3 whistles. then let the pressure drop on its own, since the rice is cooking when the cooker is hot and the pressure is there inside it. then i gently fluff the rice before serving.

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