dosa recipes – 15 dosa recipes | masala dosa, rava dosa, poha dosa

easy dosa recipe, rice flour dosa

collection of 15 dosa recipes  including popular dosa varieties like masala dosa, rava dosa.

dosa is one of the popular south indian breakfast recipe along with idli and sambar. there are many varieties of dosa recipes made in india. in hyderabad, panjagutta area one restaurant named ’99 dosas’ specializes in 99 varieties of dosa.

in mumbai, there are many types of dosa that one gets which are not heard anywhere else like hakka noodles dosa, schezwan dosa, veg manchurian dosa, mumbai mysore masala dosa and pav bhaji dosa.

every dosa variety has its own flavors, style and group of admirers. here, in this post i am sharing dosa recipes posted in my blog at one place so that it is easier for you to select your favorite dosa recipe. i hope you will find this post helpful.

15 dosa recipes:

poha dosa
poha dosa
this dosa is a andhra speciality
also known as atukula dosa.
amazingly soft, spongy & porous.
stays so even after some hours.
rava dosa
rava dosa
easy crisp dosa made with
semolina, rice flour
and all purpose flour.
doesn’t require any fermentation
masala dosa
masala dosa
this recipe is for a
crisp, golden brown masala dosa
but one which is still soft.
step by step recipe
(dosa with spiced potato filling)
mumbai mysore masala dosa mumbai-mysore-masala-dosa-recipe
crisp dosa stuffed with
spicy & juicy potato-veggie filling
a mumbai street food
step by step recipe
 neer dosa
neer dosa recipe soft, thin, light and lacy crepes
made with rice batter.
no fermentation required.
 onion rava dosa
onion rava dosa recipe easy lacy dosa made with
semolina, rice flour, onions
and all purpose flour.
pav bhaji dosa pav-bhaji-masala-dosa-recipe
variation of dosa famous in mumbai.
made using leftover pav bhaji or idli dosa batter
step by step recipe.
mysore masala dosa
mysore masala dosa - dosa recipes

crisp and soft dosa spiced with red chutney.
served with a potato dish and coconut chutney
step by step recipe
urad dal dosa
simple, easy recipe
and requires no fermentation
easy mixed dal dosa
used arhar, chana, masoor
and moong dals to make this dosa
moong dal dosa moong-dal-dosa-pesarattu-recipe
crisp and delicous dosa
made from whole mung beans.
healthy & nutritious.
vegan as well as gluten free.
ragi dosa
healthy dosa made using ragi
ragi is also known as finger millet
step by step recipe
which is very quick and easy
soybean dosa soyabean-pancake-recipe
soybean dosa with flaxseed
very healthy dosa
you can call them soybean pancakes too
easy dosa recipe

easy dosa recipe made with
rice flour and urad dal flour.
no soaking & grinding of lentils required.
makes crisp dosa.
quick oats dosa
quick oats dosa recipe
quick and crisp instant oats dosa
made with oats, rice flour and rawa/sooji.
no fermentation required.

dosa is best served with chutney, sambar or podi (dry chutney powder).

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