chole recipes or chana recipes | 31 vegetarian chickpeas recipes

chole or chana recipes are popular all over india but punjabi chole are the most famous. punjabi community is very fond of chole, rajma, dal makhani and paneer dishes.

chole recipes can be made in many ways. e.g. in punjabi chole recipes the real flavor comes from the chole masala that is made from different spices. whereas in south indian chole recipe, the flavor will come from coconut and whole spices.

i am often requested by my punjabi hubby to make chole or chana at home. so no wonder, there are so many different variation of chole recipes on my blog.

usually the chole are served with poori, bhatura, naan, rotis, plain paratha or with rice. some people also like to sprinkle lemon juice or have them with chopped onions and green chillies.

here in this post, i have collected all the chole or chana recipes posted in the blog. this collection includes recipes made using both white chickpeas and black chickpeas. i hope this chole recipes collection will be helpful to you for deciding your menu.

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31 chole recipes or chickpeas recipes

punjabi chole
this recipe is tried & tested by many readers.
one of the most popular chole recipe
flavor ocomes from fresh chole masala
amritsari cholewhite chickpeas curry made in amritsari style.
step by step recipe.
punjabi chana masalaeasy chana masala recipe
as chana masala is not needed.
onions are not used.
south indian chana masalahot and spicy
real flavor comes from coconut
and whole spices
chole bhature
spicy chickpea curry
served with leavened fried bread (bhatura)
aloo tikki cholecrisp and browned spiced potato patties
served with a spicy
north indian chickpea curry
along with green chutney & sweet chutney
methi chole
spicy punjabi fenugreek & chickpeas curry.
made in punjabi style.
pindi chole
quick chana or rawalpindi chole recipe
no grinding, no long frying or sauting
all you need is readymade chole masala
 palak chole
spinach with chickpeas.
north indian style white chickpea curry.
 aloo chole

spiced chickpea potato curry
from the famous kwality restaurant in delhi.

paneer chole

spicy punjabi curry of
white chickpeas with cottage cheese.

kadai chole

tangy and spiced chickpea curry
made in kadai or wok.

kala chana curry

mildly spiced black chickpeas curry
made in punjabi style.

 kadala curry

spicy black chickpeas curry
from the kerala cuisine.
gluten free and vegan.

 easy chole recipe

an easy and lightly
spiced version of chickpea curry.

 chana masala toast sandwich

quick toast or grilled sandwiches
made with leftover chana masala.

chana pulao
quick, simple and easy pulao to make.
step by step recipe
dry kala chana
this punjabi recipe of dry black chickpeas
is made during kanjak ceremony
on the last day of the navratri fasting.
step by step recipe.
kala chana chaatspicy and tangy snack
made from black chickpeas.
kabuli chana chaatquick snack made from white chickpeas
step by step recipe.
white chickpeas sundal
south indian recipe of a no onion no garlic
stir fried chickpeas with spices & coconut.
black chickpeas sundal
south indian recipe of a no onion no garlic
stir fried black chickpeas with spices & coconut
 chole biryani
aromatic, spiced & delicious dum cooked
&  layered biryani with white chickpeas.
peshawari chole
spicy chana made peshawari style.
 sookha kala chana
minimally spiced dry curry with
black chickpeas for durga ashtami or navami.
sukhe chole
quick, easy and delicious
south indian style dry chickpea curry.
 tindora chana masala
mangalorean style ivy gourd
& brown chickpea curry
made with roasted ground spices
and fresh coconut.
aloo chana chaat
spicy, tangy, sweet chaat recipe
with boiled potatoes
and white chickpeas.
 traditional fafalel recipe
middle eastern snack of
fried chickpea balls or patties.
falafel recipe with cooked chickpeas
crisp chickpea falafel recipe
kala chana ghugni
delicious spiced curry
from the bihari cuisine.


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