Bhatura Recipe: How to make Bhatura Recipe, Punjabi Bhature Recipe

Bhatura recipe with step by step photos – Bhaturas or Bhature is one of the most popular punjabi recipe. Bhatura are thick leavened fried Indian bread. Bhaturas are often eaten with chole (chickpeas) and this combination of chole bhature is very tasty as well as popular all over india.

I wanted to post and share this great Bhatura recipe from a long time and finally, I am able to do it today. I just enjoyed making these bhature for the first time, on my hubby’s birthday. He is a great fan of Chole Bhature and I had decided to make it specially for him on his birthday.

Though, I have cooked chana masala many times, it was always with pooris. This time I wanted to make bhaturas. I know from examples of my friends that the bhatura is not so easy to make and it does not rise or puff up while frying. This was my first time and I did not want to take a chance.

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