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by dassana amit updated December 15, 2013

aloo baingan: aloo baingan recipe, aloo baingan dry

aloo baingan recipe – this simple and super easy recipe of aloo baingan is from my mil and is a variation of the stuffed aloo baingan recipe that i have earlier posted.

in this recipe of aloo baingan we just slice or chop the aubergines or baingans instead of keeping them whole. the spices used are same as for the stuffed aloo baingan recipe. this is also a dry aloo baingan recipe.

being a fantastic cook, my mil dishes out awesome punjabi recipes. her trademark is that her recipes are easy to make and yet super yum. they are so easy that even a novice in cooking can make her recipes.

this aloo baingan is one such easy veggies recipe and there are other simple veggies recipes of hers like:

and more to come…..

also you will see my food photographs are becoming better and better if you check the above recipes. i was such a novice before and am still learning photography.


i have used mustard oil in this recipe but even with a simple vegetable oil like sunflower oil the aloo baingan taste fabulous.

one can have the aloo baingan with parathas, phulkas and even plain bread.

without much ado we go for the recipe. and for this one i do not have a step by step :-(


if you are looking for more baingan recipes then do check punjabi baingan bharta, bharli vangi, bagara bainganbrinjal sambar and dum ke baingan.

Aloo Baingan Recipe details below:

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Aloo Baingan Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Dry Aloo Baingan Recipe
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Punjabi
Serves: 5-6
  • 1 kg small eggplants or baingan or brinjals
  • 5-6 potatoes or aloo
  • 2 tsp chilli powder
  • 1 tsp haldi powder or turmeric powder
  • 2 tsp amchur (dried mango) powder
  • 2 tsp garam masala powder
  • 3 tbsp mustard oil or vegetable oil
  • salt or black salt
  1. wash the small brinjals or baingan and potatoes in water.
  2. slice the baingan into 4 pieces vertically.
  3. keep the baingans in salted water for 15-20 minutes to remove their bitterness.
  4. also slice the potatoes in medium size slices.
  5. in a pan heat the mustard oil.
  6. add the potatoes and baingan to the oil.
  7. saute in the oil for 4-5 minutes on a medium flame
  8. add all the dry spice powders and salt except garam masala and amchur powder.
  9. mix the spice powders and salt properly with both the veggies.
  10. now cover the pan and let the veggies cook on a low flame for 15-20 minutes.
  11. keep checking the aloo baingan after a few minutes so that the veggies do not stick to the bottom of the pan.
  12. when the aloo and baingan are cooked properly, sprinkle garam masala powder and amchur powder.
  13. mix these thoroughly and cook for a minute
  14. close the flame and serve the aloo baingan hot with phulkas or parathas.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 5-6

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Kavita March 3, 2014 1

This is such an easy and superr tasty recipe..I cooked it last week and my husband loved it to the core…thanks for sharing this awesome recipe


dassana amit March 4, 2014 2

welcome kavita


ayesha February 18, 2014 3

Easy & quick


Rita May 22, 2013 4

Nice and easy.


dassana June 19, 2013 5

thanks rita


Sumita Mehra August 14, 2012 6

Simple and quick